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Commercial Services by Terminix

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Pest control shouldn’t be one size fits all.

Businesses aren’t all one type or size. Their pest control needs aren’t either. Over our 80 years in pest control, we have developed practices that help us better serve many types of businesses. From day one on the job, we start with a plan tailored to fit your needs.

Our customized solutions will include:

Quick Response

Quick Response

Our Customer Care Representatives will ensure we get your needs taken care of quickly and efficiently—within 24 hours, guaranteed.

Certified Entomologist


With an on-staff, Board Certified Entomologist and extensive technical resources—coupled with the wealth of field experience of our seasoned Pest Management Professionals—we’re able to solve even the most difficult pest problems. Our Pest Management Professionals participate in continuing education programs, certification programs and industry-specific training.

Pest Control Professional

Discreet Professionalism

You have a business to run and we’ll make sure pests don’t interrupt that business. We’ll schedule service at your convenience with one of our registered technicians. All of our pest management professionals go through an extensive screening and training process—so you’ll have confidence the individuals servicing your business are the top in the pest control industry. Our services may be done after hours or on weekends so there is no interruption to your normal operation.


Preventing pests before they become a problem is smart business. Doing it quickly and efficiently is even smarter. We’ll develop and Integrated Pest Management plan that gets the job done and doesn’t impact your bottom line.

Ultimate Protection Guarantee

Guaranteed Service

Our commitment to quality work and total satisfaction is so absolute that we put it in writing. Terminix Ultimate Protection and our Terminix Lifetime Protection Guarantee for termite control provide you peace of mind that your business is protected to your complete satisfaction. It’s the best guarantee in the business—guaranteed.


Commercial Services by Terminix