Bed Bug Control

Bed Bug Control

Keep bed bugs from becoming a problem.

Bed bug reports are on the rise. Once a common problem in homes and businesses, bed bugs largely disappeared from the U.S. when modern insecticides were introduced after WWII. Since the late 1990s, bed bugs have come back strongly and infestations have been found across the country.

Bed bugs can enter a business with any person, luggage item or piece of furniture that comes in. So spotting them early is key to stopping a major infestation.

  1. Our technicians will perform an extensive professional inspection of your business or property.
  2. If evidence of a bed bug infestation is found, a customized plan of attack is designed for your specific problem.
  3. Our technician begins by removing visible bed bugs.
  4. The area is then treated to kill any hidden bed bugs and their eggs using state-of-the-art treatments.

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What it means for your business

Customized treatments detect infestations early and safely eliminate bed bugs quickly—so there is minimal interruption to your business.

A Terminix bed bug brochure with recognition images and harborage points is available through your Terminix representative and helps your employees spot a possible infestation early.

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