Fly Control

Fly Control

Staying ahead of flies.

Flies can get in anytime someone walks through the door of your business. They can live in drains, thrive on waste and threaten your reputation. That’s why we have a battery of smart tools designed to invisibly and effectively remove these winged pests from your environment.

Terminix Commercial can work with you to create a custom solution, including services such as ultraviolet Insect Light Traps (ILTs). These traps attract flies and then capture them with a glue trap or a catch tray.

Based on your facility, as well as government regulations affecting your industry, we will help you determine the proper type and placement of ILTs in your facility.

What it means for your business

Effective fly control takes your business out of a reactive position. Rather than trying to kill flies that are already disturbing your environment, Terminix Commercial Fly Control helps assure that flies don’t become an issue in the first place.

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Fly Control