Termite Control

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No Business is Safe from Termites

Terminix Commercial offers guaranteed protection for your building against this unseen disaster that’s 10 times more likely than fires and causes $5 billion in damage every year.

We have the solutions that will help get them out of your building.

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We take a lot of factors into account when designing a treatment plan for your business: construction style, design, foundation material and exterior finish all help us determine the best course of action. There are three treatment methods for subterranean termites based on your building’s type and needs.

Terminix Liquid Defend System

This solution creates a treatment zone at key entry points around and through your building’s foundation. As termites tunnel through these zones, they are exposed to a termiticide, which is then spread to other termites through physical contact.

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Coring Techniques

If your property is surrounded by concrete or asphalt, you’ll require a different treatment method. Using a coring technique, we drill through the concrete or asphalt to reach the soil below. Then we install baiting tubes and conceal them with metal covers. These covers help protect against weather and tampering. This process is performed quickly and cleanly without disrupting your business or residents and without damaging your structure.

Terminix Termite Baiting Program

With this treatment, we place baiting stations in strategic locations around your property. But unlike traditional baiting systems, our bait goes into the ground immediately, which means protection from termites begins right away.

What it means for your business

You’ll have fewer damage costs from termites. We guarantee protection from termites with our Ultimate Protection® Guarantee: As long as you maintain your agreement with us, we will cover the cost of repair on any new termite damage for the lifetime of your plan.

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Commercial Termite Control, Treatments, Inspections