Terminix R-Plus Attic Insulation

All natural—and made to save!

What if you could have efficient, cost-effective insulation that does double duty? Insulation that’s environmentallyfriendly, natural and helps controls pests. You can with Terminix Insulation Service featuring R-Plus Insulation™.

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R-Plus is made from 87% recycled natural fibers. Unlike other insulation, R-Plus contains no asbestos, glass fibers, or formaldehyde, making it a safer, greener alternative—that controls temperature, noise and pests better than any insulation ever made!

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You’ll notice the comfort immediately!

Because R-Plus is denser than fiberglass insulation, air does not move through it well, so it resists heat transfer by convection, as well as conduction and radiation, better protecting your home from extreme changes in temperature. And since R-Plus is “blown” into your attic, there aren’t the leaks and drafts associated with ordinary insulation.

Terminix R-Plus Attic Insulation

Your home maintains more even temperatures. You’ll feel a change in the comfort level of your home the minute we’ve completed the installation and maintain that feeling year-round.

Terminix R-Plus Attic Insulation

You’ll see as much as 40% in energy savings!

In addition to feeling comfortable, here are a few of the many benefits of R-Plus Insulation™:

  • Saves energy and money for the life of your home.
  • Greener, natural alternative to traditional insulation.
  • Fire resistant with both flame and smolder combustion resistance.
  • Helps control pests (ants, cockroaches, silverfish and more)
  • Reduces outside noise (traffic, lawnmowers and barking dogs)
  • May qualify for a Federal Tax Credit.* Plus with energy savings—it pays for itself!
  • Waiting means another expensive energy bill is on its way! Start saving—call today for your FREE attic energy evaluation.

*Check with your tax professional.

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