Moisture Control

When was the last time you were under your house? For most people, the crawl space is an area of their home rarely accessed. A dirt crawl space under a home can trap water vapor from the earth, penetrating wood joists and insulation. Crawl spaces can also allow run-off water to seep in—and standing water under your house can bring problems, including insects.

Moisture Control - Terminix: Greensboro Moisture Control, High Point Moisture Control, Winston Salem Moisture Control

In addition to health concerns, moisture can cause damage over time that can be costly. Even the most well-built homes can be destroyed by moisture. Damp crawl spaces can lead to rot, warped sub floors, structural damage and insect damage. If your air conditioning or heating system is located in the crawl space, it may also be damaged. The damage can be wide-ranging and may include:

  • Warped baseboards
  • Rotted joists and sills
  • Expansion and buckling of floors
  • Blistering of exterior paint
  • Corroded electrical conduits
  • Rotted structural members
  • Decayed wall framing
  • Softened floor adhesives
  • Rusted pipes

Moisture Control - Terminix: Greensboro Moisture Control, High Point Moisture Control, Winston Salem Moisture Control

The Foundation of a healthy home

We begin with a thorough inspection of your home’s crawl space. We know the best way to control moisture is to eliminate the source. Once targeted, our next step is to craft a solution custom built for the needs of your home. Our solutions may include automatic foundation vents, interior drainage systems, borate applications and vapo-barriers. Even the toughest moisture problems can’t stand up to our knowledge, experience and control techniques.

We’ll create a custom solution.

We’ll take a look—then work with you to create a customized solution to fit your budget, control moisture and protect your home that may include:

Automatic foundation vents

Automatically ventilates crawl spaces and controls conditions that lead to damp rot and unhealthy air.

Interior drainage system

Corrects excessive water conditions by removing standing water and preventing water build-up.

Borate application

An environmentally-friendly, odorless, vaporless application that penetrates the wood and can protect against wood-decay fungi and powder post beetles.


A polyethylene sheeting that provides a ground barrier to capture water vapor. This aids in controlling conducive conditions that may lead to termites and other wood destroying pests.

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