Our Roots Run Deep

​Backed with the reliable Terminix name, Terminix Triad is locally owned and operated. Operating out of 15 branches in 17 North Carolina counties, it’s easy to see that we love the Tar Heel state. Since 1932, we have made a conscious effort to provide the best possible services to Triad residents. We hope to continue providing reliable services for you and your family!

Specializing in NC Pests

There’s nothing quite like the changing seasons of the South. While we appreciate the color that Fall brings, and the backyard fun associated with Summer, we don’t always love the pests that come along with the shifting temperatures. So whether you’re dealing with rodents that have made their way into your home during the winter or roaches that are seeking respite from the summer heat, we have the localized solution!

An Advocate of the Community

In addition to our dedication to providing the safest, most reliable pest control services to Triad residents, we’re also committed to employing locally. We have over 200 pest management professionals - all serving you and giving back to the community that we all share. 

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