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The pest management industry is estimated to grow 15% by 2018. Why? More people are expected to use pest control services as environmental/ health concerns and improvements in living standards increase. That means the need for pest management services will continue to grow, too. Apply Online

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People with a pest problem are people in need. They’re anxious, fearful and looking for help with a problem they can’t solve alone. When help arrives, they want knowledgeable, friendly service, professionalism and reassurance that the problem will be solved—that who and what they love most is going to be protected. Apply Online

A company that feels like a family.

Since 1931, Terminix has built a trusted reputation on controlling pests and safeguarding homes and businesses in North Carolina’s Triad area. As a franchise of Terminix® International, the world’s largest pest control company, we are proud to be a local, family-owned franchise managed by four generations. In fact, we’ve had second-generation employees make their careers with us. This means we will be here, long-term, to stand behind our work. We are firmly committed to our employee’s growth and development—and believe in being responsible members of the community.

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