Mosquito Control in Lexington, NC

Mosquitoes are a problem all throughout the south, and if you’ve spent even one summer in North Carolina, you know how much of a pain they can be. Professional mosquito control in Lexington can provide you with season-long relief from disease-carrying mosquitoes and protect your loved ones from itching the summer away. Our mosquito control treatments in Lexington will:

  • Reduce the existing mosquito population
  • Protect your family without harming the environment
  • Prevent mosquitoes from breeding
  • Keep mosquitoes out for the long term

Protect Your Family from Disease-Carrying Mosquitoes

The Zika virus has been all the rage in the news lately, but mosquitoes can carry many more diseases than just Zika. Mosquito bites can transmit other scary diseases such as:

  • West Nile
  • Malaria
  • Dengue 
  • Yellow fever

Our mosquito control treatments in Lexington add an extra layer of protection to your yard, so your family has a smaller chance of exposure. 

Recurring Treatments Provide You Season-Long Relief

You don’t want to get rid of mosquitoes for just a week--chances are you want them gone all season long. To keep your yard mosquito-free all summer and fall, we provide recurring treatments that keep them at bay for the long term. Because mosquitoes can breed rather fast, it’s important to regularly treat your yard and make it an environment where they can’t reproduce. With our recurring treatments, you can enjoy your backyard all summer without fear! 

Family and Pet-Friendly Treatments

Who says that keeping mosquitoes away has to employ dangerous methods? Our minimally-invasive mosquito control treatments in Lexington are developed and implemented with the safety of your family and pets in mind. You can rest easy knowing your loved ones are safe while we battle bugs!

Save $50 on a Mosquito Treatment Today!

You don’t have to settle for a summer full of mosquito bites and welts--we can make your dreams of a mosquito-free summer a reality! To make it easier and more affordable than ever, we are even offering a coupon for $50 off of our mosquito control treatments. You’ve got nothing to lose...except for the mosquitoes!

Don’t let buzzing, biting mosquitoes ruin your time outside. Contact us today for a free quote!