Fewer Mosquito Bites, More Outdoor Fun !

Living in the North Carolina Triad allows you and your family to enjoy spring, summer, and fall to the fullest. The downside? These are also the seasons when mosquitoes come out in full force. Rather than allowing mosquitoes to ruin your outdoor time, select a professional mosquito control service that tackles mosquitoes at all stages in the life cycle. 

Mosquito Control in the NC Triad

Mosquitoes don’t just leave behind itchy, unsightly bite marks; they can also transmit dangerous diseases to both your children and pets.  Our mosquito control solutions are not only proven effective, but they are also safer for both your family and the environment. With monthly applications, you can rest assured your family is protected throughout the season.

Guaranteed to work

Each month during mosquito season, one of our specialists will treat your yard by applying our tried and tested mosquito formula. The mosquito control barriers work to exterminate on contact, immediately creating a more enjoyable outdoor space for both you and your family. If you aren’t pleased with the results of the service, let us know! We are committed to delivering quality service every time.

Noticeable results after just one treatment

Our mosquito treatments are designed to take care of the problem as quickly as possible, so you know that when we visit, we’re leaving you with a yard you can immediately enjoy. This is ideal if you know you have a neighborhood get-together or backyard barbecue planned in the next week or two! Just give us a call 72 hours prior to your event, and we’ll be sure your yard is free of mosquitoes.


Service In and Around the Triad

Curious about whether or not your home falls into our service area? We provide service for all of the cities listed below, as well as everywhere in-between!

ŸBoone     Eden     ŸPittsboro     Winston-Salem     Greensboro     ŸBurlington

High Point     Elkin     ŸAsheboro     Mt. Airy     ŸKernersville

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