Termite Control in High Point, NC

Did you know North Carolina is considered a high-risk area for termite activity? That means termite protection for your home should be a necessity. If left unnoticed, termites can cause thousands of dollars worth of structural damage to a property extremely fast. On average, a homeowner that discovers termite damage will spend about $3,000 to repair the damage. If you suspect a termite infestation, it’s important to move fast. The most common signs of termite presence include:

  • Discarded termite wings near window sills
  • Clicking sounds coming from your walls
  • Hollow-sounding wood
  • Uneven or sagging floors
  • Visible mazes in walls or furniture

The Experts With 85+ Years of Experience

Here at Terminix Triad, we know termites--after all, it’s in our name! With over 85 years of experience protecting homes in Triad from termites, there’s no one better suited to care for yours. With over eight decades of experience controlling termite populations, we know the most common species of termites and the best ways to protect your home from them. Using an array of different treatment methods -- from baiting systems to spot treatments -- you can feel secure knowing you’re working with the best in the business.

We Use State-of-the-Art Termite Systems

With as much experience as we have, we’ve seen it all here in the Triad. No infestation is too big for our team of termite control experts in High Point. So, how do we make sure your home is clear of termites and protected for many years to come?

  • Detailed Termite Inspections: The best termite treatment plan involves strategy. We’ll inspect your home to look for existing termite evidence and create a strategic treatment plan based on our findings. The best part? Termite inspections in High Point are free!
  • Terminix Termite Baiting System: Using the Sentricon Colony Elimination System, we target termites where they live and destroy their colonies from the inside out. What’s more, Sentricon provides 24/7 monitoring that also protects your home from any future invasions.
  • Terminix Liquid Defense System: Should we discover existing termite populations, we’ll use a combination of liquid treatments and bait systems to eliminate them. Termites don’t stand a chance when Terminix Triad is on your side!

The strongest termite guarantee in the industry

We understand that when dealing with termites, you want to make sure the problem is truly resolved in order to feel peace of mind. Because of this, we’re happy to offer our Ultimate Satisfaction Guarantee. With Terminix Triad, your termite treatment in High Point is 100% guaranteed for effectiveness. This means if termites persist or return, we will eliminate the problem and repair any damages free of charge. Now that’s a guarantee you can feel confident in!