Termite Control in Kernersville, NC

It can be frustrating to place your trust in a company that doesn’t give you the results you’re looking for, especially when that service is termite control and the mistake could result in costly damages to your home. Here at Terminix Triad, we take our job seriously and make a point to stand behind our work. This includes detailed treatment plans and one of the strongest service guarantees in the industry.

Don't Let Termites Destroy Your Home

Here in Kernersville, we are typically affected by subterranean termite species. These wood-destroying insects cause over $5 billion dollars in damage each year--don't let your home be the next victim of termite damage. Think you might have termites? Here are some common warning signs that termites may be present:

  • Termite wings that have been discarded near window sills or spider webs
  • Sagging or un-level floors, walls, or ceilings.
  • Wood that sounds hollow when you walk, tap, or knock on it.
  • Noises inside walls at can sound clicking.
  • Red or orange mud tubes along the exterior of your home.

If you see any of the above signs, you may have termites. Thankfully, the professionals at Terminix Triad have been providing effective termite control in Kernersville for over 85 years so you can protect your home from dangerous wood-destroying insects.

Total protection every step of the way

With over 85 years of experience protecting homes from termites, we know that a one-step solution simply doesn’t exist. That’s why our termite control in Kernersville provides a multi-faceted approach that covers all the bases. This includes:

  • Free inspections to accurately identify the problem and help us craft an effective solution
  • Baiting systems that are designed to target and eliminate termite colonies taking up residence in your home
  • Liquid defense that treats entry points around and through your foundation to prevent future infestations

Why Our Baiting System is Best

We are also proud to offer Sentricon, the number one brand in termite protection, as our termite treatments of choice. Our termite treatments in Kernersville utilize Sentricon -- which are baiting systems that provide 24/7 defense for your home. Here's how it works:

  • First, our termite exterminators place bait stations around the exterior of your house.
  • The bait stations are discovered by termites who are attracted to the bait.
  • The termites feed on the bait, then carry the excess bait back to their colony to feed the other colony members.
  • The termites in the colony consume the active ingredient in the bait stations, killing them all before they even leave their colony.

Not only are our Sentricon bait stations are effective all year long, but they also hold enough bait to kill millions of termites. When you use Sentricon for our termite treatments in Kernersville, you can rest assured and know that you’re receiving the best treatment out there.

Your family’s safety is in good hands

In our continued effort to provide the best possible termite control in Kernersville, our termite experts participate in continuing education programs and undergo the state certification process. This, paired with our reduced-risk formulas, means we guarantee we'll get the job done right. We all work to eliminate risks every step of the way so that you and your loved ones are always protected.