Animal & Wildlife Control in Asheboro

When you find wildlife animals in your home, it can cause a great deal of anxiety. After all, they don’t belong in your home, and you definitely didn’t invite them in. Wildlife invasions are especially common during the cooler months when animals such as squirrels, birds, raccoons, and more are looking for food and warmth; however, these infestations can happen at any time. If you suspect wildlife are in your home, here’s what you should keep an eye out for:

  • Chewed wiring and insulation damage
  • Scratching noises on walls and ceilings
  • Rustling noises that are more common at dusk
  • Torn open garbage cans and bags
  • Droppings throughout your home

For just $79, we can be at your home in no time to inspect your home through and through. Should you sign up for our wildlife removal services, we’ll waive that initial inspection fee. 

Elimination that is Fast, Safe, and Guaranteed

If wildlife have found their way into your home, you need to act fast. If left alone, wildlife can cause costly structural damage and continue to reproduce. When you partner with Terminix Triad for your wildlife control in Asheboro, we will be at your home in no time to remove all wildlife in the safest, most effective manner possible. Here’s how our process for wildlife removal in Asheboro works:

  1. First, a friendly, knowledgeable Terminix professional will perform a wildlife inspection of your home to check for entry and exit points, nests, attractants, and more.
  2. Based on our findings, we’ll create a safe, effective wildlife removal plan that we will run by you. We promise to keep you in the loop the entire removal process!
  3. We’ll trap and remove all wildlife currently in your home, using specialized exclusion devices. Because we have access to the best resources in the industry, we can ensure the safest removal.
  4. Lastly, we’ll patch, seal, and secure your home so that wildlife animals cannot get back inside. You’ll be left to enjoy a secure, calm, wildlife-free home!

Don’t Risk Your Safety. Let Us Help

While baits and traps that you can buy at the store may seem like a better, cheaper option, the truth is you shouldn’t try to handle a wildlife infestation on your own. These kind of animals are not only extremely unsanitary but if provoked, they can also attack. Don’t attempt to handle this on your own--let the professionals at Terminix handle your wildlife removal in Asheboro. Our technicians undergo year-round training to keep them up-to-date on the latest treatments and exclusion methods, so that we can eliminate your wildlife problem in the safest way possible.

We Have Over 85+ Years of Experience

When it comes to wildlife, every infestation is different and requires a highly trained, experienced professional for successful elimination. Here at Terminix Triad, not only are we locally owned and operated, but we have more than 85 years of experience dealing with pests like wildlife. Whether you’re suffering from a squirrel, bird, opossum, raccoon, snake or skunk problem, we’ve seen it all, and we can help. Trust the experts who have been taking care of families and protecting homes just like yours for over eight decades.