Animal & Wildlife Control in Pittsboro

Wildlife pests are more than just a nuisance. They can cause damage to your siding, chew through electrical wiring, dig holes in insulation, and destroy furniture. They can also carry bacteria into your home, making your living spaces unsanitary and putting your family at risk of dangerous illnesses like rabies, salmonella, and leptospirosis.

Trying to handle these pests on your own can be dangerous. Wild animals are particularly unpredictable, especially when cornered in an unfamiliar environment and trying to capture them could result in injury or damage to your home. Wildlife removal is better left to professionals who have the equipment and expertise to remove these threats.

We'll Remove Raccoons, Squirrels, & More

Our wildlife control experts in Pittsboro utilize the most advanced techniques to effectively and humanely remove animals without putting you in harm’s way. We’re equipped to remove a variety of wildlife pests, including:

  • Snakes
  • Raccoons
  • Possums
  • Squirrels
  • Skunks
  • And more!

Fast Elimination, Long-Term Defense

You don’t have to let a wildlife infestation make your family feel uncomfortable or unsafe in your home for days on end. When you call on the wildlife control specialists at Terminix-Triad, we’ll take care of the problem quickly.

We begin with an inspection to understand the exact nature of your wildlife problem. From there, we develop a strategic plan to quickly remove these animals from your home. Our techniques include trapping, exclusion, and a variety of other humane methods to effectively remove all infestations fast. With our wildlife control in Pittsboro, you can expect service that is:

  • Minimally-invasive, with the care and protection of your children and pets in mind.
  • Delivered by friendly, knowledgeable professionals with years of experience.
  • Backed by our Ultimate Satisfaction Guarantee to ensure you get what you pay for.

Once we’ve removed the wildlife threat, our team will take steps to prevent future infestations. We’ll identify entry points around your home where wildlife was able to enter or exit and seal them off to keep pests out for good. Should wildlife persist after we treat your home, give us a call and we’ll send someone out at no cost to you.

A Local Team You Can Trust

We may share a name with one of the biggest pest control brands in the country, but Terminix-Triad is proud to be locally-owned and operated. We’ve been caring for friends and neighbors since 1932. When you call on our wildlife control experts in Pittsboro, you’re calling on more than 85 years of experience delivering highly effective wildlife control services.

What’s more, many of our team members are native to North Carolina, and they’ve all undergone extensive training and certification courses. We also work hard to keep their skills sharp with a thorough ongoing training program, making sure our team can get the job done right the first time. If wildlife is disrupting the peace inside your home, it’s time to give the local experts a call!