Pests are always an unwanted tenant.

Pests worm their way into properties no matter how clean your tenants are. By the time you’ve spotted a pest, it may be too late. There could be hundreds living just out of sight. Relax, we're here to help.

Pest Control for Apartments & Multifamily Properties

Few things can damage a property’s reputation or occupancy levels faster than a pest problem. Pests can:

  • Lead to calls from unhappy tenants.
  • Cause tenants to move out or not renew their lease.
  • Make it difficult to attract new tenants.
  • Introduce diseases and bacteria into your property, creating a potential health risk.

Rest assured that our pest control experts will develop a solution custom-built for the needs and regulations of your specific building.

We achieve this through a proactive Integrated Pest Management approach—eliminating pests, their harborage areas and entry points to your business. This gives you maximum effectiveness with minimal treatment. It’s also an environmentally-responsible approach with your property’s health and safety, both physical and financial, at the forefront.

We’ll also offer recommendations relating to sanitation, maintenance, landscaping issues and regulatory compliance.

A few things you should know about Terminix Commercial:

  • More than 150,000 pest control customers place their trust in Terminix Commercial, making us one of the industry’s leaders in providing pest control peace of mind.
  • We are the preferred provider for property management companies.
  • At Terminix Commercial, we know that managing residential and business properties presents unique pest control challenges.
  • We offer exclusive treatments for bed bugs.
  • We can develop a thorough and effective pest management program to help you protect your property and your revenue.
  • All of our services are backed with the strongest guarantee in the industry.

Let us design a custom solution for your property. 

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